Too much editing can make you ill

I’ve never planned to have a blog, despite the fact that apparently every self respecting writer or wanna be writer should have one. I followed a link from Twitter for someone else’s blog and there was a link that said Install WordPress for iOS. Since I own an iphone and being naturally curious, I clicked on the link. Voila! And WordPress was installed on my phone.

A day later, I clicked on the icon, just to see what it was about, and they offered me a free blog. Cool, I thought, particularly since I would be able to blog straight from my iphone. Easy as pie, surely. So that is how I came to have a blog, quite by accident. I certainly cannot guarantee that I will have something to say every day, as most of my days are hectic, to say the least. Unlike other writers, I probably won’t be dispensing too much advice on how to write a novel, or how to… anything like that. I believe that I still have plenty to learn and I subscribe to many blogs to get as much advice as I can. Until now, the blog from Nathan Bransford (ex agent) has taught me so much, and I enjoy Eric from Pimp my Novel. They are definitely worth checking out.

Now to the subject of this post, “Too much editing can make you sick”. To give you a little background, I have been busy with the final edit of my 100 000 word manuscript, Crossfire, which I plan to publish on Kindle as soon as it is perfect. Yes, unfortunately I’m an August baby, and a perfectionist. No errors allowed! Yes, even if it kills me. Of course, like many unpublished writers, I have a day job, and though I love my job (who doesn’t love being the boss?); it leaves me with evenings only to dedicate to my writing career.

For the past ten days, I have been busy until one in the morning most days and it has taken its toll. I have developed conjunctivitis in both eyes from staring at the screen too long, and a sore back and shoulders from my incorrect sitting posture. But wait, there’s more! In the early hours of this morning, I fell asleep at the keyboard, and woke up this morning with a crick in my neck that is threatening to disable me permanently. Why not go to sleep when you are tired, you may ask. Well, I don’t like sleeping, and pretty much consider it a waste of time. Normally I just carry on until my body calls a halt and I’m ready to drop. Sometimes I make it to bed on time, other times I might sleep in an odd place for an hour or so before I wake up and go to bed. Ja, I know that’s odd, but I’m probably not the only person in the world who does that. To bring me back to the subject, that’s why I say, “Too much editing can make you sick”, particularly if you fall asleep. Right now, I am relaxing on the couch, a warm electric pad on my upper spine, and a box of chocolates on the armrest. I have taken enough painkillers and muscle relaxants to drop an elephant, so please forgive me if my spelling or grammar is less than perfect. I have given myself the day off to relax and to ramble on a bit on my new blog.

There, that wasn’t so difficult.

About Niki Savage

Author of the Crossfire Trilogy, the Blackstone Chronicles, and the Driftwood Trilogy, available at Amazon. Find me on Twitter @nikisavage

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  1. So if it wasn’t so difficult, where’s the next one?

    Seriously though, I think you’re right to focus on the novel right now, not the blog. It’s hard doing both at once. What I’m doing right now is limbering up for my next novel by working on the blog – getting back into practice after a while away from writing.

    But are you doing all the editing alone, Niki? What got me to the finishing post was working with other writers. Take a look at my earlier post – – and you’ll see how much it meant to me. Without that kind of support I might never have come to the end. And if I’d never come to the end … well, I might have been doing the sensible thing, focusing on my business instead of spending my whole day writing!

    Thanks for the wave. It’s really appreciated.


  2. We September babies are perfectionists, too, at least I am! And I’m an ex-editor, too. I’m trying to get through writing my novel without going crazy over editing it at the same time. I’m going to get a professional editor after I get the book done. It’s hard to edit your own work. Good luck!


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