Hearts on Fire is available

Hearts on Fire coverIt is now 04:14 on a Wednesday morning in South Africa, but I know somewhere in the world, it’s still Tuesday. So I think that still counts. I kept my promise, and Crossfire: Hearts on Fire is available on Smashwords and Amazon.

By the way, for those who read the first few chapters of Hearts on Fire at the end of Fire & Ice, it would be worth it to start Hearts on Fire from the beginning, because I made a few changes to those first few chapters.

Happy reading to all, and thanks for your patience. (I’m going to bed now, and I plan to sleep for a week.)

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  1. Saw Crossfire on iBooks last night and had to download it! So excited when I come across a fabulous book and immediately downloaded Fire & Ice on Amazon. It was just as thrilling as Crossfire! I have a feeling Hearts on Fire will be a doozy – practically on my toes waiting for it!


    • Hi there
      I hope you’ll enjoy Hearts on Fire just as much as the first two books. At the moment it is available on Smashwords and Amazon (I’ll add the links today) but not yet on the iBookstore. I distribute through Smashwords so they’ll take about two weeks to approve it for premium distribution, after which it will go to the iBookstore, B&N and Sony. Smashwords has the right format for iBooks so you can download a copy from them if you don’t want to wait until the end of the month. I can barely wait to distribute to iBooks because I have noticed from the ratings and reviews there that my books are quite popular among the other Apple fanatics like me. I love your enthusiasm.


  2. I have just finished reading Hearts on fire having only downloaded it late last night! What can I say, it was amazing. It took me through a whole host of different emotions and I was hanging on until the bitter end. Loved it just sad that I have finished it. It made me see Karl in a totally different light. Thank you!


    • Hi Emma, thank you for your kind words. Yes, Karl totally surprised me too. He has become one of my favorite characters, which moved me to write Driftwood, and allow him a chance in the spotlight. I think he deserves someone who can love him back.


  3. Read your first book and could not put it down! Just downloaded the rest and looking forward to start my reading.


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